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Breeding Forbes/ Tricolored Parrotfinches

(aka - Forbes Parrot finch | Tricolored Parrot finch | Tricolor Parrot finch | Three-colored Parrot Finch | Tanimbar Parrot Finch | Blue-breasted Parrot Finch)

Erythrura tricolor
Specifics which apply more to Tricolor, tricolored or Forbes rather than to Parrotfinches generally.

possibly not a beginner's Parrot Finch, slightly nervous, needs to be active
straightforward to foster breed but less easy than other species to parent-rear

Several names - Forbes/ Tricolor/ Tri colored/ Blue-breasted/ Tanimbar - Parrot Finches

Tricolor or Forbes cock
Housing - look great in aviaries, particularly when in sun.

Otherwise, the biggest cage possible is advisable as they tend towards obesity.   Arrange perches to deter straightforward hopping from perch to perch.

So... nest box at highest point.   A single front to rear perch. 2 smaller perches nearer the ground food container on floor to encourage vertical flight.

Tend to be a fairly nervous bird so space is very important, especially if trying to parent-rear.

Sexing and breeding - one of the more difficult parrot finches to parent rear, although some breeders can find it relatively easy.

Sexing is easy in this species.   The cock has a decidedly darker blue breast than the hen.
br> This shows very early in the first moult as coloured spots appear on the breast after approximately 4 months.

Pair early - it is very important to pair absolutely as soon as possible ie as soon as the colours start to show.   But, pair off without a nest box.
Tricolor - Hen
Tricolor or Forbes hen