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Up close and very personnel with New Zealand's native birds

See nature's amazing come-back after recent effective predation control close to Auckland
see the Kiwi, the Saddleback, Brown Teal and lots more
The Tawharanui success shows how quickly nature recovers when native plants are planted and predators, introduced by man, are removed.

Tawharanui is a small peninsular just over an hour's drive from Auckland.  In 2004, a 2.5km length convervation fence was erected across the peninsular's base, creating a predator free zone.
Rats, opposums and stoats were eradicated from the peninsular.  Back came the birds, in their droves, with a totally unpredicted speed.

By only 2014, this must be approaching how New Zealand bush was before Europeans introduced predatory mammals.   A conservation success story achieved in a very short time.

Tawharanui - where and getting there

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