The Tawharanui success shows how quickly nature recovers when native plants are planted and predators, introduced by man, are removed

Tawharanui is a small peninsular just over an hour's drive from Auckland

In 2004, a 2.5km length convervation fence was erected across the peninsular's base, creating a predator free zone.   Rats, opposums and stoats were eradicated

Back came the birds, in their droves, with a totally unpredicted speed

By only 2014, it was approaching how New Zealand bush was before Europeans introduced predatory mammals.   So successful, more species have been introduced - including the Takahe

A conservation success story achieved in a very short time


Tawharanui - where and getting there

predator-free fence
Predator-free fence

The heart of the peninsular's convervation project and reason for its success

Very little gets through, under or over this


Only 90kms from centre of Auckland.   Just over an hour's drive

Beautiful location, white sandy beaches

Tristan - tour guide and transport

The co-owner and lead tour guide - Tristan

A passionate naturalist and photographer


Borne a Kiwi and 'dragged up' in NZ, before emigrating to Europe, I had never, ever known the sights and sounds of the real New Zealand.   And, I lived in Auckland!

To be honest, most New Zealanders have never seen a wild Kiwi - elusive - not!

Habitat Tours introduced me to this hidden, little known gem of a place, so near Auckland

Most visitors from overseas either enter, or leave, NZ from Auckland - and they could be seeing a live, wild kiwi in its natural habitat

Up close with a wild Kiwi was a total privilege.   Brown teal thriving and a family of saddlebacks

Bellbirds were numerous, Tui's less so. The Kaka could be heard.   Fantails, robins, the Austalasian harrier, a Morepork family.   It is a busy place

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