Graham's comments

Breeding the Red-headed Parrotfinch

(aka - Red headed Parrot finch | Short tailed Parrot finch)

Erythrura cyaneovirens

Specifics which apply more to Red-headed rather than to Parrotfinches generally.

This is an ideal species for the beginner, especially someone who wants to parent-rear.
Colour - as the name suggests, the normal bird has a red head.

The Sea Green is an attractive mutation where the head mask is orange and the green differs from normal (shown below - left).

Various pied forms exist.

Housing - the cage size does not matter, but the 600mm depth seems important, particularly for parent-rearing.

It seems appropriate to give this very active and curious bird as much space as possible.

This isn't exactly a colony bird but nor are they overly aggressive towards each other in a large, well planted aviary, even when breeding.

In an aviary with a 4M x 2.5M flight of 4M x 2.5M and lightly planted, 6 Red-headed plus 5 Tricolors got on just fine, and bred.

Clearly we can worry too much.   This self-built nest was between the rafters and a trap cage.   Nest boxes were available.

Best described as 'rough and ready'.   Some coconut fibre and bamboo leaves just 'thrown' together.

2 Sea-green pairs nested at the same time.

Image - group of juveniles
A group of juveniles part way through their moult in Graham's birdroom.